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Situated on the edge of Edinburgh The Moorings Ratho is one of CALA Homes most prestigious developments commanding a stunning position at the edge of the Union Canal linking Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Part of the development was to create a new marina and facilities building with complementary infrastructure works which was to be adopted by Scottish Canals.  The basin is relatively shallow, formed to a depth of less than 3m.  The original idea was to line the basin in the traditional method with 1m depth of puddle clay, however an alternative methodology was researched and negotiated with Scottish Canal using a waterproof liner and a protective concrete ‘cap’.  Using precision engineering the civil works contractor formed the base for a pre-fabricated swing bridge to fit perfectly into position.  Holding 3 million litres of water the facility now serves as a stop over for canal barge users, who have water and electrical tie up points and the use of the shower and toilet block provided at the canal edge.

The works included.

  • Driven sheet piles up to 6m long
  • Vibration monitoring of adjacent buildings & structures
  • Stilling test to monitor potential leakage
  • Waterproof liner with puddle clay tie-into existing canal
  • Adopted standard by Scottish Canals
  • Temporary dam structure with permanent stop log provision

More detailed case studies are available on request.

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