Our team has a proven history of success in delivering award-winning education construction projects for learners of all ages and needs, including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Inside Broomlands Primary School in a double height area with raised crossing. Children sit at tables for activities and in a storytelling area.

By placing the requirements of end users at the centre of the design process, we help to create academic environments that nurture students, promote the exchange of ideas and boost learning outcomes.

We help clients to achieve the important balance between current and future needs, while taking account of their budgetary constraints.

Key Contacts
Ged Gowans Director
John McKaig Director
Ross Lovatt Senior Director
The new primary school at Langlee. Children walk to school down the path. The building is clad with and arrangement of corten steel bars in places giving a broken up silhouette.

School construction consultants

We work closely with local authorities on school expansion programmes as we help to support their goal of net zero emissions by 2030. This involves constructing new-build facilities as well as renovating and extending existing schools to meet sustainability targets while also accommodating increases in the pupil roll.

Designs and solutions are inspired by Education Scotland's continuously evolving Curriculum for Excellence which places increased emphasis on external learning and external classroom provision.

We are also working with clients and collaborators on a new generation of schools that welcome the community onto their campuses, with public libraries and wellness centres sitting alongside flexible, healthy learning spaces.

Inside a lab space at new build Garnock School, Scotland. Pupils use bunsen burners at benches and others work at desks. Large windows and exposed services are used in the space, along with concrete pillars
In a lab at the Wadding Building, University of Edinburgh. A purpose built laboratory space, with benches and units to create workspace for scientists and researchers. Large windows enhance the lighting.

Further and higher education

We have completed a number of projects throughout Scotland for colleges and universities, many through education frameworks. These include both new-build and refurbishment projects, featuring teaching, learning and research spaces, state-of-the-art laboratories, conference suites, office accommodation, student hubs and sports facilities.

Stakeholder consultations

Our education team is highly skilled at leading stakeholder consultations – collaborating with the local community, school management, pupils, parents and innovative voices from the education sector to ensure that all their needs and requirements are identified and concerns are raised before finalising design and commencing on site.

The exterior of the new build Garnock School showing pupils having lunch at benches and tables in the sunshine
Inside a new build multipurpose games hall at Garnock School, Scotland. A group of pupils play footbal. The floor is marked for different sports including football and basketball.